New Here?



Hey there! Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. If you haven’t done so already, go ahead and surf around on our site to get a better idea about Lifeway and what we stand for. It’s always a real joy for us to share an opportunity for God to do something amazing. If you’re looking for a place to call home then stop by and check us out. We challenge you to “Come and See, then Go and Be”. That’s one of our motto’s at Lifeway. It might be corny, but it’s what we do. We gather to see what God has for us, then we go and we apply it to our lives. So come and see, then go and be. We dare yah! Plus, we love worshiping with guests.


Lifeway wants you to know you can expect nothing less than love pouring out from everyone. The Lifeway family is a group of everyday people who have fallen in love with the Lord. In fact, before you reach the door you’ll be greeted by our wagon-pullers. Their task is to give your little ones a ride in a Radio Flyer to the front door. Oftentimes, your children can be just as nervous as you visiting a new church and it’s just our way of showing them we like to have fun! As soon as you get to the front door our greeters will welcome you, hand you our bulletin and point you in the direction you need to go whether it be dropping off your kids at daycare or getting yourself a cup of coffee. Once you reach the auditorium you can seat yourself wherever you will feel the most comfortable.

The Praise and Worship band will then begin the service with three to four contemporary praise and worship songs. After our first song you will hear some announcements and be welcomed by Haynes Searcy, our Youth Pastor. We will then move into worship service to prep for the message. Pastor Glen Moore uses a variety of sermons to share the Word of God, and after the message we will have an altar call.

After service we hope that you leave refreshed and ready to have another week to glorify the Lord or we hope that you make a commitment to follow the one true God. Whether you are experiencing worship for the first time at Lifeway or are a member of the family, you will always feel welcomed and loved. From the moment you walk-in to the moment you walk-out we are committed to bringing you the message and love that God has given us.


Lifeway wants you to know how much your children mean to us. We want you to have a good feeling knowing they are in safe hands. Many of the teachers in the Nursery and Children’s church are current or previous public school teachers. They love children and most of all they love God. You can rest assured that your children will receive the gospel in a way that is exciting and life-changing. There is nothing better to see than a child realizing that God loves them and sent his son Jesus to save them.

When you walk-in the front door, the entire left wing of the church is committed to creating an amazing experience for the children of our community. We are committed to not only giving your children the gospel but we are fully committed to the safety of your children.

Ultimately, we strive to provide a church experience like never before for all guests regardless of what age. For your children, we will do this through the Orange curriculum where as they grow so does their relationship with God.