Lifeway Baptist School

Our Purpose

Lifeway Baptist School’s purpose is to give our community the option of placing their children in a Christian-oriented, curriculum-centered day school. In each activity, we endeavor to provide a Christian foundation and to offer an opportunity for individual spiritual, physical, mental and social development.


Physical Development

Lifeway Baptist School is proud to offer a program that discovers and meets the needs of children while providing safe and sanitary conditions for each student.

Social Development

It is the mission of Lifeway Baptist School to provide a loving, Christian atmosphere for each child. We have been successful to create a program that enables each child to adapt and enjoy life’s everyday experiences while at our school. While attending Lifeway Baptist School, each child will learn from his/her teacher as well as learn from his/her own experience with the other children who attend our school.

Intellectual Development

Lifeway Baptist School will provide the children with teachers who not only have a genuine concern and love for each individual child, but also a desire to help the children learn. Our teachers will discover how each child is unique and work with that child to develop his/her individuality to find the contribution that child will make to its surroundings. Our teachers will also enrich each child’s daily life by helping each child to realize his/her own personal potential. Enrichment will also occur as out teachers teach each child to appropriately express his/her feelings and in doing so become responsible for his/her own behavior.

Emotional Development

Teachers are trained to help the children feel more secure and have a better understanding of children their own age.

Spiritual Development

Lifeway Baptist School will first and foremost help each child to have a better understanding of God, Church, and Prayer. Providing the children with a better understanding of God will create sell-confidence as they learn to speak to God through prayer. They will also develop trust for God which will give them great courage to live up to the potential they were given by Him.

Call the school office at (361) 799-4001 to schedule a tour of the facilities.