What's Next?

If God is calling you to make Lifeway your home, then your next step is attending 101. In 101 you will learn more about the mission and vision of Lifeway, from Pastor Glen, and have the opportunity to become a member of the Lifeway family. Whether you are new in your faith or have been following Christ your entire life we want you to be where God wants you.

While in 101 you will learn how you will be able to Love, Serve, and Share at Lifeway. Lifeway is all about involvement and we want you to be involved.

We are a growing church so we rely on our members to carry out the majority of the work to accomplish our mission. It is often hard work, but Jesus never said ministry is easy. He said it will be worth it and the members at Lifeway can testify that it is by far worth it. Ministry not only changes other people’s lives, but it will change your life when you see another person’s life change.

We hold 101 at various times throughout the year, in order to be prepared for childcare and food. We ask that you submit your registration online before the designated deadline so we can account for food and childcare volunteers.

Our principle is simple, we want you to be where God wants you to be. If God wants you to be somewhere else, then we commit to helping you get there. Our goal is not to see Lifeway as the biggest church, or with the most members. Our goal is to see Christ with the most members.

If you have any questions please contact the office or go to the About Us page.

101 Membership Class Registration