A Vote of No Confidence
Complaining Reveals Character
The Miraculous Metamorphosis

Category: Attitude / Speaker: Michael King
May 13, 2018

Having an attitude of humility, and making an attitude for yourself modeled after Jesus. Continuing in the series Attitude.


Category: Attitude / Speaker: Glen Moore
May 06, 2018

Having an Attitude of Unity in the church. A sermon in the series Attitude.

Whether to Live or Whether to Die
Elemental Love

Category: Attitude / Speaker: Michael King
April 26, 2018

Michael King kicks off the series “Attitude” written by Glen Moore on the book of Philippians.

The Original Rolling Stone

Category: Single Series / Speaker: Michael King
April 03, 2018

Did you miss Easter 2018 at Lifeway? Check out Michael King’s sermon on the “Original Rolling Stone”.

The Power of Prayer

Category: Single Series, The Power of Prayer / Speaker: Glen Moore
March 26, 2018

Your prayers are a reflection of you maturity and your relationship with our Creator. How do you pray? For yourself? For others? For broad topics? Things you need? Things you want? God’s will? or your...

Why Should I Be Baptized
What Does the Bible Say About Salvation?