At Lifeway we say, “people come to Jesus best on the arm of a trusted friend.” God expects those who believe in Him to be on mission for Him. Jesus put it this way, “I will make you fishers of men.” A life built by God is a life that seeks to share the love of God in a natural, non-threatening, relational way. For this to happen, we must build authentic relationships with people who don’t know Christ so that we can share the love and grace of God. At Lifeway, we consistently provide environments where sharing Christ is natural and normal both locally and around the world. We will willingly share our resources and experiences to plant churches, launch campuses, and equip others whose intent is sharing the love of God where they are.

For more information on the FEET team contact Pete Anzaldua at pete@lifewaycuero.tv

Car wash fundraiser and community outreach event.