Lead Team

Lifeway’s leadership is not based on one person or personality. Lifeway is led by a dedicated group of both staff and volunteers. This group consists of the Lead Pastor, Family Life Pastor, Children’s Minister, and leaders of each of the Lifeway Ministry Teams. The lead team leads by example and the leaders are committed to living selflessly and boldly for the Lord. Each leader brings a unique set of skills to the table through diverse experience in leadership, from previous church settings to entrepreneurs. The leaders have shown what it takes to be dedicated to this church and its vision in spreading the gospel to the community.

Our leadership does not serve the congregation. They give the congregation what they need to serve. We want people to take a step from where they are to where God wants them to be. We do not provide events. We expose need in the community and we give the congregation opportunities to get involved in satisfying that need. Lastly, we will not try to motivate spiritual growth. We want people to take initiative for their own personal growth.

Glen Moore

Senior Pastor

Kyle Clinton


Kecia Haas

Children's Minister

Sophie Maldonado

Church Secretary

Angie Cuellar

Youth Director

Maren Downs

Children's Minister Assistant